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5 Ways to improve Your Content-Marketing Strategy in 2016

Content marketing has evolved from a buzzword into a major component of marketing strategies for companies of all sizes. Thirty-seven percent of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers have a documented content marketing strategy, and 61 percent of the most-effective business-to-business (B2B) marketers meet daily or weekly with their content marketing team. Content marketing can produce amazing results when done correctly, and […]

4 Marketing Tips for Making Your Social Media Presence Stand Out on Mobile

People now spend more time on their smartphones than desktop computers, according to KPCB’s latest data on Internet trends. Though many users rely on mobile devices to check email and text, many also use mobile devices to connect with their social networks. In fact, a study conducted by IDC and Facebook revealed that 70 percent of all Facebook users […]

How to Create a Killer Instagram Ad in Under 10 Minutes

Instagram’s launch in 2010 was the equivalent to the new popular kid, “Ian,” moving to your high school at the beginning of the year. Girls couldn’t stop commenting about his good looks and guys were thrilled that he’d compete for the starting goalie position in hockey. Even though students had their loyalty to “Tyler,” the […]

Inspiration for the Downtimes (Infographic)

If you are thinking about starting your own business, you will have to be persistent in the face of challenges and failures. Check out this infographic (below) from the startup organisation Funders and Founders with recommendations on how to never give up on becoming a successful entrepreneur. For example, if it takes three months to field test an […]